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Our website is full of crazy tales, inside information, and digital nomad help! Join us on the ride.

We are Ariel & Kevin Allen! Digital nomads, traveling the world, trying to help others learn to do the same.

We are both from Texas, married each other in September in 2019, and set off for every adventure we could. Living as minimalists works hand-in-hand with out 3 bag lifestyle. I work online teaching English and working for small businesses. Meanwhile, Kevin creates custom woodworking projects that he sells on Etsy, and is becoming a certified scuba diver.

We are both so excited to share this journey with you, and share how we managed to get this lifestyle. We want to see you live the life you dream of. We will share jobs for life-anywhere, how-to’s, and what we find as we explore our Earth.

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Travel Inspiration Reads!

I know many of us are not able to travel, or if traveling can’t explore much due to safety concerns. Luckily, the world of books is full of wonderful, epic adventure stories of real people. Let’s buckle up and follow the journey, and never stop dreaming of that next destination. Paradise is waiting. *These areContinue reading “Travel Inspiration Reads!”

Sometimes Plans Fall Apart

Sometimes your plan completely falls apart!    Me and my husband, Kevin, have been talking about travelling since we first started dating. I can remember a not-so-distant past of us sitting down to dinner discussing everywhere we’ve been (Mexico, California, Las Vegas, and Jamaica were my highlights. He had a trip to Utah and camping inContinue reading “Sometimes Plans Fall Apart”

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